Orthoshock Heel Insoles

“My friend said these were good, I used them today and so far so good”

  • Heel pain, spurs & leg cramps
  • Hip, knee & lower back pain
  • Durable and strong
  • Absorbs 94% of heel pressure
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Orthoshock Heel Insoles

Are you suffering from lower back pain due to the impact of walking? This painful condition is extremely disruptive to the normal routine in your life. The pain that starts from the lower leg or ankle can escalate into severe lower back pain if you don’t select your footwear carefully. But sometimes, even the most comfortable footwear cannot provide you relief, especially if you suffer from Plantar fasciitis, heel pain or spurs.

In such cases, what you need is an Orthoshock Heel Insole. These insoles absorb shock impact while you walk and relieve the pain caused by it.

Orthoshock Heel Insoles are lightweight, durable, and flexible enough to mould to your foot for an ideal custom fit. If you feel that your foot arch and heel need support, Orthoshock Heel Insole can provide you with that support too, allowing you to walk comfortably.

Product Details

Orthoshock Heel Insoles are clinically proven by the UK Institute. If you insert the right size of these insoles into your shoes, you will experience a remarkable difference when you get up and walk around. These insoles are available in the following sizes:






3 - 5 ½ 

6 - 9

9 ½ +


35 - 38 ½

30 – 43 ½



Orthoshock Heel Insoles are:

  • Suitable for diabetics and arthritics.
  • Suitable for men, women, and children.
  • Washable and durable.
  • Made with anti-fungal and anti-bacterial material that prevents odour and keeps your feet dry.

Product Features

  • Ideal for relieving heel pain, leg cramps, and heel spurs.
  • Helps with the pain of Plantar fasciitis
  • Alleviates joint pain, hip and knee pain, and lower back pain.
  • No slippage, no cutting.
  • Durable and virtually indestructible.
  • Suitable to use after surgery.
  • Absorbs up to 94% of the pressure applied on the heels.
The best thing about Orthoshock Heel Insoles is that you can insert them into any shoe, boot, or trainer. Once you have inserted these insoles into your shoes, take a test walk to make sure it provides you with the expected level of comfort. With Orthoshock Heel Insoles, your ten-thousandth step in a day will feel like the first one. That’s the level of comfort achieved when you walk with these insoles in place. It’s like you’re wearing the comfiest pair of slippers all day long!

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