Customer Service Team

I love the nutriplex - really helped with aching joints, it's my nine o'clock drink every night....gosh is that a sign of getting used to be a glass of wine x Delivery service is excellent.
Eileen Green

I have used a pain pen since suffering from sciatica and found it works really well. I have bought them for presents for family and friends as everyone seems to suffer aches and pains at some time or other. There are times when I cannot sleep due to having a pain in my leg, I use my pain pen and within minutes the pain has gone and I fall asleep.
Linda Bradshaw

I have seen the adverts for Pain-gone many times, but always thought' yeah! another one of them'. Recently however, I received a very good offer and as a suffer from osteoarthritis thought, 'at this price, why not' so I did. Resulting in total satisfaction, great and effective product and excellent value for money. William Dean Northampton.
Mr William Dean

Your 'Joint Plus formula' gel certainly works and regular use helps to keep my elbows and knees flexible. I can definitely tell if I have missed using it for a day!! The ordering and paying processes were simple and straight forward and delivery was very quick. Many thanks for helping to make my life easier.
Trevor Stanswood