Paingone Aegis Replacement Pads

Replacement gel pads for Paingone Aegis

Each pad lasts up to 45 days. If pads begin to lose their stickiness they can be refreshed by lightly wiping them with water.

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Paingone Aegis Replacement Pads

This pack contains 2 pairs of Aegis gel pads exclusively for use with Aegis, the back pain relief device from Paingone.

These pads provide up to three months of therapy.

Only use official Aegis pads with the Aegis device.

Replacing Aegis gel pads

Aegis Gel pads can be refreshed by wiping them with moistened fingers. Allow to dry before using the device again.

When the gel pads have lost their stickiness completely, they should be replaced with brand new gel pads.

Only use one pair of pads per user of the device.

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