Paingone Easy Wearable Wireless TENS Machine - Relief at the touch of the Button

This easy to use, wearable device is the latest in the Paingone family, so you know it has been created by the experts! The lightweight adhesive pad can be placed wherever you feel pain and the gentle TENS therapy will quickly soothe and provide relief.

Paingone Easy has 3 modes and 12 intensity levels to fit all your pain levels. Apply the Paingone Easy electrode pads to the desired area of the body for an effective drug-free pain relief treatment.

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Paingone Easy — Wireless TENS machine

The Paingone Easy is clinically proven to relieve back pain and there are no complicated settings, wires or gels. Not only can it be used to soothe back pain, tense areas on the shoulders, arms and legs can also be relieved by Paingone Easy.

Paingone Easy is a Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation machine (TENS Machine) that it is applied to your skin and emits controlled electrical pulses. Because it has no wires or complicated settings this wireless tens machine is quick and convenient to use when you need it.

The treatment takes only 15 minutes and can be repeated whenever you need it, at home or at work, even whilst walking around — no one will know this clever device is hidden under your clothes.

Unlike other wearable devices, Paingone Easy has a replaceable battery (CR2032) and easy-to-order replaceable electrode pads (which can be used approximately 80 times).

*People with pacemakers, children, those who suffer from heart rhythm problems, epilepsy and pregnant women should not use Paingone Easy.

Will you be claiming VAT Relief?

For customers selecting the VAT exempt price: This product is a VAT exempt product when purchased for use on a chronic or disabling condition such as arthritis, osteoarthritis or sciatica, provided you have suffered with the condition for at least 3 months. VAT relief is not available for short term injuries. Find out more about VAT relief.

How to use Paingone Easy?

Apply the electrode pad to the desired area of the body. Ensure that the pad is firmly pressed against the skin. A poor connection will affect performance of the device. Press and hold the “ON/+” button briefly to activate the device.

The device will beep and a green light will show. Now, press the “on/+” button repeatedly to increase the intensity to a level you find comfortable. If the intensity is too strong, press the “OFF/ - ” button to reduce the strength of the pulses. The device will beep with each step up or down in intensity. There are 12 steps of intensity in total.

Changing Modes for Effective Pain Relief

While the device is in use, you can switch between 3 different treatment modes. To do this hold down the “on/+” button.

Mode 1– Soft pulse
Mode 2 – Strong pulse
Mode 3 – Combination soft and strong pulse

Switching modes will cause the intensity to reset to level 1. You will need to increase the intensity again using the “on/+” button.

Replacing the electrode pads

Each electrode pad can be used approximately 80 times (based on 2 uses per day, with 15 minutes application time).

Keep the surface of the electrode pads clean. The electrode pads should be washed with warm water after a couple of uses to restore adhesiveness.

When an electrode pad has lost its stickiness entirely it should be replaced with a brand new pad. You can buy Paingone easy replacement pads at Tower Health.

ONLY USE OFFICIAL PAINGONE EASY ELECTRODE PADS WITH THIS DEVICE. Please do not try to attach any other electrode pad to this product.

Only use one pair of pads per user of the device.

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